Thursday, October 8, 2009

refer back

if anyone would like to donate their time to some artistic miscarriage i'd like a graphic like that as the cover page for my next round of academic treatises. i look so frail. i'd like to look so dauntingly ignorant. mirror, mirror onna wauhw.

please download that criminal manne mixtape.

"they call me 'young tony' 'cause i keep crack. my real name 'young crim'.. but i keep crack"

there is no more variety in this man's vocabulary than in his subject matter. there is a god.

"let me talk about my paperwork, 'cause i got more paper work than your folks at work"

if people can appreciate the clipse as the wire in headphones they've gotta recognize criminal manne as jack black or some other low rent chris farley. yeah i said "it", jack. your publishin' should go to ms. farley.

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