Thursday, October 8, 2009

if hip hop generation 2 got cormega and shameless, post-hiphopcultural rap listeners get husulah in this mode i'll stand pat with my left hand guarding my groin and two fingers twisted for the west side

here's a goofball hyphy rapper with an empirical norteamericano worldview who i happened upon via digitaldripped. rap's a j edgar hoover experiment that allows corporations speech as well as the rights of the citizenry, no?

"biggie on the hook" hahhaa classic. i don't want to see what roach gigz looks like and spoil my imagined transposition of human speech on the slow loris.

couldn't find beats steady knocking on youtube so i threw it back up onzshare.


lar said...

OK Roach is dope but uhh he's not fucking with Turf Talk my guy; IMO he's a lot closer to the Mac Dre blueprint.

if u fuckin with Hus, you heard this right?

When I had Jacka on the show this past Sunday he spoke on Hus' status these days...

lar said...

oh and Gigz "buckets & Booty Calls" tape

ghengis blond said...

hadn't heard that song with trax; that's crazy

i didn't say he was better than turf talk; turf's in my top 5 west coastifornia rappers ever, prolly, and even 40's not. turf has some of that mac dre/mall dna imo

lar said...

my misunderstandimation then, cutty.

you gotta fuck with

if you dont already. pilly wonk is a master.