Thursday, December 10, 2009

this that lights

i'm rollin boss up <-- tall order

still tippin (on finals), wrapped (in finals) or what? this sad old chode mole hill of a monument needs polishing (with any luck, american airlines flight 305253 will suffer some injury that demands emergency deployment of landing gear in a costco parking lot [toggle: deli mustard, onions, coca cola classic, remorse at putting money in that pocket, resolve to elect to henceforth occasion one on each return home as exclusive license to slave-driver patronage privilege, sigh, providentially straightened back, valor and renown (data_set_label__)] + [toggle: presence of mind to call "shotgun" (data_set_label__)] so, after running up a tab of 20some chuch plays alone this morning on the ipod, i'll tell you what is shabazz palaces

panther brat podcast from a hidden location as read by jack nicholson and harry belafonte to the stylings of vision questing, peruvian-reared nature walk girl talk with the obnoxious lopped off and and a fist grown where it was, fully informed by her childhood fantasy to be native, fully entered into the dragon

you could get with this

has weezy ever revealed what his real dad looks like?


Chrysovalanti Chrysti Walters said...


What up Stuck Up Kid,

This is Chrysti from Platform One Entertainment in Chicago. I was wondering if you are open to giving a listen to some of P1's new hip hop/ R&B material for some honest feedback, a review, or airplay.

I'm looking to start a lasting relationship offering you music, just to hear "This is dope!" or "This sucks!". Either way is fine. You don't have to post/ play it on your blog (promise!); we'd just like to hear a quick initial reaction on the strength of the music.

That said, if you happen to dig these artists Wordsmith (not to be confused with Wordsworth) or Riz, we'd love any coverage you could offer.’

Here's Wordsmith's first singles, "The Next Level Experience" and "Hook-Up Hotline,"

These tracks are off his upcoming album Vintage Experience, which drops NEXT WEEK, March 30th. I can also get you an advanced copy if you'd like to review it.

Second is Riz, a new R&B act out of LA that could best be described as Akon meets Neyo meets Lady Gaga. Below are 2 of his new tracks" Rock the Bed" (PRODUCED BY AKON) and "She Loves Me." He just signed to Ultra Records (Pitbull, David Guetta, etc) and his album is set to drop this summer!

Please let me know if you're willing to hit me back with comments, or if you'd like bio/pics/ etc on Riz or Wordsmith.

Thanks and good lookin’ out.

- Chrysti

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